There are several people employed in the Skool.


Miss Bitters

Main Article: Miss Bitters
The most commonly seen of the Skool staff, she is the teacher of Zim and Dib. A cruel, callous, mean, and bitter teacher.

Mr. Elliot

Main Article: Mr. Elliot
Only seen a couple of times, he is the optimistic and constantly happy teacher of Gaz. The only kindhearted and caring teacher in the Skool.


Alexovich Peeps teacher
Only seen in the episode "Vindicated!", in Mr. Dwicky's Office asking him if he actually believed in what Dib says. As the character reference states, this character has no elbows, only ever lifting his cup of coffee to his mouth. He Voiced by David Herman.

Coach Walrus

Main Article: Coach Walrus

Alexovich Peeps walrus
Only seen at the beginning of "Vindicated!", making the Skoolchildren play dodgeball. He is not mentioned before or after that episode.


Mr. Dwicky

Main Article: Mr. Dwicky
Mr. Dwicky appeared only in the episode "Vindicated!", as the new counselor. He is not mentioned before or after that episode.

Skool Principal

Main Article: Skool Principal
The Skool Principal has never been fully seen, appearing only as a mysterious silhouette. He is always seen stroking a pet beaver in his lap, which in turn pets another small thing. He appeared in "The Voting of the Doomed".

Former Counselor

It was mentioned in the episode "Vindicated!" that there was another counselor before Mr. Dwicky. When asked about him, Mr. Dwicky said that "something horrible" had happened to him, at which point a voice coming from the ventilation was heard saying "Help... Me..." The former counselor was voiced by Jhonen Vasquez, and the scene was voted one of the "creepiest" moments of the series.

Skool Security

Alexovich Peeps skool
Only seen in the episode: "The Voting of the Doomed", they are a SWAT-like squad. They carry powerful armored plexiglass shields, and would likely protect the children in case of an incident like a school shooting.

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