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Spittle Runner
Spittle Runner 1
Name Spittle Runner
Type Irken Technology
Use(s) Various
First Appearance The Nightmare Begins
Users Tak, Dib, Irken Armada, Irkens

Spittle Runners are the smallest and appear to be the most common of Irken spacecraft.


Dirt Planet

The broken-down (and unusually large) Spittle Runner on Planet Dirt.

A compact ship, not much is actually known about the Spittle Runner's abilities. Equipped with one primary engine behind the cockpit, the crescent-shaped ships are commonly seen in the Armada beside the equally-common Shuvvers, and seem to be equipped with lasers (Dib's Wonderful Life of Doom). There is little concrete knowledge about it beyond this.

In the Show, Zim destroyed a Spittle Runner with Front-line BattleMech during his rampage across Irk in the midst of Operation Impending Doom I (The Nightmare Begins), and it has appeared various times with the Armada.

There was also a broken-down Spittle Runner on the Planet Dirt, which Tak presumably salvaged and built into a new, extremely advanced spaceship. She took it to the planet Earth after she had tracked down Zim. When she was defeated, her ship crashed in Dib's backyard. It is important to note, however, that the Spittle Runner on Dirt is disproportionate to all it's other appearances, dwarfing Tak.

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