Homeworld Earth
Gender Male
Hair Color Dark Blue
Eye Color Black

Tae is one of the many Skoolchildren in Invader ZIM. He was voiced by Kevin McDonald, the voice for Almighty Tallest Purple.


Tae's appearance is remarkably average, aside from his dark green, spiked hair. He is presumably of Asian descent.

Role in Invader ZIM

He played a small role in the beginning of the Pilot, calling Dib crazy when he told him that Zim was an alien; a few minutes later, Tae's brain was surreptitiously removed by Zim using a device in his PAK.

Tae's only other role was in "The Nightmare Begins", where he told Dib that just because somebody looks different, that doesn't mean they are a space alien. Brian then pointed to the Old Kid, and claimed that he would be a alien too, following Dib's logic.

Facts of Doom

  • Tae had a yellow shirt and blue spiked hair in the Pilot.