Tak's Ship
Name Tak's Ship
Type Irken Technology
Use(s) Various
First Appearance Tak: The Hideous New Girl
Users Tak (formerly)
Dib (current owner)
Gaz (The Most Horrible X-Mas Ever only)

Tak's Ship, or the "Tak Runner", is a ship that Tak built out of a crashed Spittle Runner, one of many ships in the Irken Armada.


Tak ship 1

Tak's ship.

It is presumed that she built it while trapped on Planet Dirt, and promptly used it to escape her duty as a janitorial drone. It is highly customized, decorated with her personal insignia and painted red. Because it was originally a Spittle Runner, it was sometimes referred to as the "Tak Runner". However, it is simply referred to on-screen as "Tak's ship," or even just "Ship." She also downloaded her personality into it, which caused problems for Dib when he tried to repair it. Tak's Ship is more advanced than any other known Irken vehicle, and it can create excellent holographic disguises, better than any Invader's disguise seen on the show.

Tak's ship is controlled by a joy-stick that sometimes doesn't appear.

Dib with Tak runner

Dib with the ship, trying to repair it.

Dibship 9

The ship thinking that it is Dib.

At the end of "Tak: The Hideous New Girl", Tak had to eject herself out of her failing ship after an outer space dogfight with Zim. It crashed into Dib's backyard, and he immediately began repairs in the hopes that he would get it to fly once more. In "Backseat Drivers From Beyond the Stars", Dib used the ship's computer to decipher data stolen from Zim's computers. Ironically, Zim ended up using Dib's spy bug in his base to control the ship and throw Dib out, reactivating Tak's downloaded personality in the process. Later, Dib downloaded his personality into it in "Dibship Rising", and the ship demonstrated an ability to transform itself and even change its color. However, it deleted its own personality, leaving it without any personality at all. Zim also attempted to control the ship in this episode in order to revert it back to Irken service.

Aside from the computer, it also possesses "tentacles" and two pointed arm-like appendages that allow it to "walk" rather than fly, which it did before being able to fly again. However, Gaz got it to fly right before the climax of "The Most Horrible X-mas Ever".

Had the series continued its original run on TV, it is unknown whether or not the ship's creator would have come back for it. In the cancelled episode "Invader Dib", Dib allegedly would have gone to Irk to attempt to take it over, and it is likely that he would have used Tak's ship to get to the Irken homeworld.

Invader Zim (comic series)

Dib getting Tak Ship

Tak's ship as it first appears in Issue 1.

Tak's ship later reappears in the Invader Zim comic book series, briefly at the end of Issue 1 and fully in Issue 2. In the comics, the ship is now blue, with the Irken emblem partially scratched off on both sides (in later issues the emblem is not scratched). It is revealed that Tak's downloaded personality has somehow returned, despite being overridden on the TV series.

In Issue 2, Dib uses Tak's ship to chase Zim through space before he could find the Xliactian Historian, who knew where the Gargantis Array was.

In Issue 12, Dib uses Tak's ship to try and stop Zim's latest plan, involving Flamin' Hot Cheezos in space, chasing him around the sun at scary fast speed, catapulting them both into a future where Emperor Zim rules the Earth. Dib laters uses it to take him, Zim, and GIR back to the present.

At the end of Issue 24, Dib followed Zim to Cyberflox using Tak's ship, only to be told by GIR that he just missed him. This frustrates Dib, who decides to go home.

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