Zim has several teleporters installed both in his base and aboard his space station, enabling swift and efficient travel between the two locations.



GIR and Gaz entering the teleporters.

The teleporters first appeared in "Bloaty's Pizza Hog", when GIR guided an angry Gaz to where Zim was holding Dib; the teleporter she took transported her to Zim's space station. Zim had several more teleports alongside the one Gaz used, which might be used to beam him (and GIR) to different places, or were possibly just redundancies. If they do lead to other places, however, it is possible that one of these was used to get to his Orbital Water Balloon in "The Wettening".

A different type of teleporter was seen at the North Pole in "The Most Horrible X-Mas Ever". This one was much larger and of a much higher caliber, having been designed to transport the entire human race en masse to The Massive. Unlike the single-passenger versions seen in Zim's base, this version also did not seem to require a receiving teleporter at its destination, as during testing it was perfectly capable of teleporting a large, pink, fluffy rabbit toy to land right in front of the horrified Tallest.


The teleporters in the space station were destroyed by Zim so that Dib and Gaz could not escape. Presumably, they were fixed at some point before the episode "Future Dib".