The Beef Bee Episode was an untitled idea for an episode in the second season. Eric Trueheart told stories of the concept and inspiration of the episode at multiple InvaderCons.


Zim finds that a colony of bees has created a hive on the back of his house and must find a way to get rid of them. However, these aren't everyday honeybees. Instead of gathering pollen, these giant, shanty-singing pirate bees gather beef and thus have a hive made entirely of meat.


Jhonen Vasquez knew someone who inexplicably would commonly use the phrase "down for a pound of ground round." Bewildered by the seemingly nonsensical line, Jhonen and others noted that it sounded like a line from an old sea shanty. Soon a hardy pirate song consisting mostly of pirate gibberish was made. This somehow coincided with an idea from Rikki Simons, who dreamed up giant bees that would gather beef instead of pollen.[1]


  1. InvaderCon: Eric Trueheart Lies about Zim

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