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The Children of the Bright and Shining Saucer, also known as the "Saucer Morons" due to their obsessions and the episode they appeared in, are a cult of people who worship aliens, and are dedicated to

Zim being "captured" by the "Saucer Morons".

finding proof of alien life (although most of their "artifacts" are fake).

They usually set up camp in the middle of The City park, where they hold their UFO Conventions. The Saucer Morons made their first and only appearance in "Attack of the Saucer Morons" as a collective, but individual members are scattered throughout other episodes.


Adult Dib


Dib lookalike with another "Saucer Moron".

An "adult version" of Dib appeared amongst the group when Zim's disguise was torn off, and could also be seen in the tent with an undisguised Zim. His head was swallowed by the Pig-disguised Voot Carrier, and was body slammed by it when Zim tackled Trudy and the controls.


Desmond Flapp

Leader of the group, he "interprets alien messages". He holds the conventions and is an odd, old man. He shares a striking resemblance to the evil scientist Dr. Neo Cortex from the Crash Bandicoot franchise. Voiced by Fred Tatasciore.

Frank Conniff


Yoa, standing in front of "the Blotch".

A man who "foretold the prophecy" of Zim coming to them. He is based on a staff member of the Invader ZIM crew; better known as the actor who played TV's Frank on Mystery Science Theatre 3000.

Jhonen Vasquez

Jhonen Vasquez made a cameo in this episode as one of the Saucer Morons. He is found about eight minutes into the episode, when the Saucer Morons bow down to Zim, and again when he leaves the tent with GIR.


Trudy, examining the controls for Zim's Voot Carrier.


A burly woman who ensures the security of the "artifacts". Voiced by Mary Scheer.


A scrawny and pidgeon toed lady who left her husband to commune with the Blotch in "Mysterious Mysteries". Zim shoved her off of the Voot Carrier and into a pond when she tried to come with him during his escape. Voiced by Mary Scheer.


Starchunk holding Zim.


Boll, beseeching Zim to bless his toes.

A brute of a man who manages the initiation rites.


A seemingly middle aged balding fat man, who only wears his boxer shorts and a green tank top. He asked Zim to "bless the corns on his toes" after Frank reiterates his prophecy. Voiced by Frank Conniff

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