The entry room of Zim's base.

The Green Monkey is first seen on a floating monitor above a city on planet Conventia. It later became a major image in Zim's house, seen above the living room couch. Zim also has it on his monitor screen in his lab (seen in the episode "Germs") and on the pedestal in a hallway (as seen in "Walk for Your Lives"). When we see Jhonen Vasquez choke on a fish in the episode "The Wettening", there is another picture of the Green Monkey on the wall, except it is facing backwards. There is also a large monkey on a pedestal in a hallway in Zim's home base. In "The Frycook What Came from All That Space", GIR assembles a kite which has the monkey on it.

The monkey also makes a cameo appearance in the comic series. In Issue 17, during one of Dib's stories, Dib wins a stuffed monkey from a crane game machine and gives it to a baby.

It also appears on some Invader ZIM merchandise, usually paired with GIR. Some merchandise with the monkey include: Invader Zim Figural Keychains, Invader Zim Original Mini's Clip-On Plushes, and Invader Zim Original Minis.

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