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The Resisty's Ship was a large Vortian-designed spaceship that belonged to the Resisty, an organization created to overthrow the Irken Empire. It is seen only in the episode "Backseat Drivers From Beyond the Stars".


Prior history is unknown. Commanded by the Resisty's Leader, free Vortian Lard Nar, the ship set out for the group's first true act of resistance- attacking the Irken Flagship, The Massive (which also happened to be designed mostly by Vortians; and partially by Lard Nar himself, in fact). However, knowing the destructive capabilities and strength of the Irken Ship, Lard Nar's plan involved them striking the Snack Pods (filled with the preferred diet of the Almighty Tallest) of the ship rather than attempting to defeat it, and then looting the edibles for themselves. This plan didn't go well, however, as not only were they about to be obliterated before they could fire a shot, but later, even after the Massive was torn from it's position and defensive options, their lasers failed to pierce the armor of the vessel.

However, they attacked the helpless warship anyway, and even burnt the 'The Resisty Rocks!' into the hull of the ship during their chase. This chase ended with the Massive beaming their hijacked powercore into the Vortian Vessel, and Lard Nar ordering everyone to abandon ship as he activated the Shrinky Self Destruct.

Almighty Tallest Purple was unaware that there were any Vortian ships left, so it is possible that the Resisty's ship was the last Vortian ship left intact. It's likely the vessel had a name, but it is never mentioned on-screen. With it's destruction, it would appear that no functional Vortian ships remain (aside from the escape pods used by the Resisty).


The Resisty's ship had one laser cannon, controlled by Resisty member and possibly second in command, Shloonktapooxis. It was also armed with two smaller lasers, one on each wingtip. The Resisty's plan had been to pierce a hole in the Massive's side pods, which is the ship's sole weakness, and also filled with snack foods. The lasers of the Resisty's ship, however, were not powerful enough against the Massive, and they were unable to pierce a hole in the pods.

Resisty ship 2
Resisty ship
In case of emergency, the ship had multiple escape pods in its sides. There was also a "Shrinky Self Destruct" button which, when pressed, caused the ship to shrink to a tiny size then explode. The Resisty's leader, Lard Nar, was forced to use this and abandon ship along with the rest of the Resisty after their ship was sabotaged and set on a collision course with Earth; as a result, it had already become the size of a fly before it could even touch Earth's surface.

Facts of Doom

  • Appearance-wise, the ship somewhat resembles The Pillar Of Autumn from the Halo Franchise (Specifically Halo: Combat Evolved).