The Skool President
The Prez
Homeworld Earth
Gender Female
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Purple
Notable Facts Might be dead
Affiliation(s) Skool
First Appearance The Voting of the Doomed
Voice Actor Kathryn Fiore

The Skool President was an effervescent girl who suffered a mysteriously-induced seizure immediately after complaining about the dirty Skool bathrooms at a pep rally in The Voting of the Doomed. She was whisked away by riot-gear-equipped Skool security, and an election for a new student president is held in which Willy triumphs over Zim. As of now her fate is unknown, as is what the Skool security did to her afterward. She was voiced by Kathryn Fiore.


She had brown hair and purple T-shirt and eyes, and seemed every bit like a normal kid, save for her unnaturally wide eyes and smile.

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