Throbulator is a member of an unknown alien race that appeared in Hobo 13. Assigned to Zim's team, Throbulator was the only other member to make it to the Fortress of Pain alongside Zim. Once there, he was used as a battering ram by Zim in order to bash in the doors to the Fortress.

The race that Throbulator belongs to is unknown, although he did describe himself as a "being of pure headache", emphasized by the Band-aids on his head as well as a throbbing vein across his bulbous forehead. He is constantly holding this head, and tends to speak in third person. When used to open the Fortress of Pain, a light green liquid spurted from his head, and he dazedly but happily said that he "feels nothing anymore" in reference to his constant headache. This was his last appearance in the episode, before he was beamed up into the Holding Pen of Pain. He was voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson.

A female creature similar in appearance to Throbulator appeared in Shloogorgh's Flavor Monster in the episode The Frycook What Came from All That Space.

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