TruthShrieker (Issue-0) Cover
is a fictional paranormal organization in the world of the Invader Zim comics. They maintain an online presence via forums and release TruthShrieker magazines. TruthShrieker tends to be similar to many real world conspiracy magazines like the National Enquirer. They are in strict opposition to the Swollen Eyeball Network. While the Swollen Eyeball Network only works in secrecy, Truthshrieker works in public and for the public.

Their mission statement is as follows: "TRUTHSHRIEKER MAGAZINES is committed to pulling back the curtain to reveal the TRUE STORIES the governo-industri-scientifical complex is hiding from us all. From Sasquatch to ESP, Flying Saucers to that weird growth on your eyeball, TRUTHSHRIEKER digs up all the facts, blows away all the smokescreens, and screams the truth into the face of the world."

They were introduced in Issue 0: TruthShrieker, which came in the form of one of their magazines. Dib had been submitting information to them in lieu of the Swollen Eyeballs, ever since Zim had disappeared.

Aside from Dib and Agent Batflaps, no members have actually made a visible appearance in the series.


UFO Face

Dib Membrane

Agent Batflaps


  • Even though Truthshrieker writes unfavorable articles about the Swollen Eyeball Network in Issue 0, the two organizations do have similar codenames. For example, Dib's name on the Truthshrieker forum is "Agent Mothman", the same as his Swollen Eyeball codename. Other members tend to have names beginning in "agent" such as Agent Batflaps, Agent Fingerpoops,and AgentVonAgent.
  • Given the apparent rivalry between TruthShrieker and the Swollen Eyeball Network, it seems odd that Dib is a member of both. However, in light of his unpopularity within both groups, it's possible that there's simply no one who cares.

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