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Invader Zim Issue
Truthshrieker (Issue 0)
Issue 0 cover
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Next: Issue 1
Publisher: Oni Press
Publication date: May 23, 2015
Story by: Jhonen Vasquez
Aaron Alexovich
Rikki Simons
Eric Trueheart
Art by: Aaron Alexovich
Megan Lawton
Color by: Rikki Simons

Official Summary

TruthShrieker is presented as a fanzine publication and features news reports and conspiracy theories from the world of Invader Zim. These stories are written from the point of view of Zim's nemesis, Dib, and other fellow "truthshriekers" as they ask questions like “Where is Invader Zim?”“Ms. Bitters Has Always Existed??”and “Is This Bee Haunted?”.[1]

Appearing in "TruthShrieker"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

Mentioned Characters:

  • ZIM
  • Gir
  • Natty Mumpo
  • Gopher "Goph" Clemson
  • Mayor Stone Atwell [new character]
  • Fob Guerrero (Local Merchant) [new character]
  • Quagley Peech (Cashier at MacMeaties) [new character]
  • Chuck Proopland (Manager at MacMeaties) [new character]
  • Vactoria Bullard (Poultry Farmer) [new character]
  • Dr. Willbur Lorbs (Monsterologist) [new character]
  • Dr. Crispin Yang (Doesn't have children) [new character]

Full List of Authors:

  • Dib Membrane
  • Big Feets
  • Test Subject #3762B,Monkey
  • Fred Handy
  • Gregori Besnik, Citizen
  • Magic Margie
  • Kenny Kwok
  • Milton Alton Kloombes

SPOILER WARNING OF DOOM: This section or article may contain spoilers!


From the Editor

TruthShrieker editor, UFO Face, is unafraid to show his face. Unlike those at the Swollen Eyeball Network. He angrily calls them out on this, hinting at the fact that he may have tried to be one of them but was denied because his Agent Name wasn't cool enough.

Paranormal Roundup

A series of small 'articles' about people doing and experiencing supernatural phenomenon. This includes Gopher "Goph" Clemson who has been proclaimed a local hero by doing things like powering a hospital single handedly during a three month blackout and "jolt(ing) 2000 dead beavers back to life".

A willies prone child (Natty Mumpo) has found several strange things inside of the cereal Burpin' Puffs.

Several employees from the MacMeaties on 3rd Street claim that the rotting meat in the dumpster behind the fast food restaurant is alive. Is it the dumpster's doing or the work of scientists that hang around there with jumper cables?

A Dirt Corn Grove man can 'control' his tractor with his mind. Another man claims a face mysteriously appeared on his face last night.



  • Up until now, Dib and Gaz didn't have an official last name, as it had been stated on several occasions that Membrane was actually Professor Membrane's first name. However, in this issue Dib and Gaz's last name is in fact Membrane.



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