Unimportant general guy

The unnamed General is a human military figure who appears in Issue 21 of the Invader Zim comic series.


After an accident with a mind-swapping machine causes them to become stuck in each other's bodies, Gaz makes a bet with Zim that she can take over Earth easier than him. As part of the plan she puts into place, she reveals her presence to all the world's militaries and invites them to Zim's Base.

The military force that appears on Zim's doorstep is led by a General who is shocked at the presence of an alien, and wonders aloud why no one ever revealed him before (ignoring the fact that Dib has done so many times). And before he can give any orders regarding the situation, Gaz uses a piece of Irken technology to gather up all the weapons the military's brought along with them (and, for some reason, the General's pants). The General and his soldiers are horrified at an alien controlling all of Earth's weapons, only for her to launch them all into the sun. Gaz then claims that she's done this to bring about world peace, as part of an overall mission of peace.

Believing Gaz's statements, the General declares her a hero, and carries her away on top of a cheering crowd of soldiers. This is the last that is seen of him.

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