Zim ambulance ppl yay

The Unnamed Paramedics are a pair of human medical officials who appear in Issue 6 of the Invader Zim comic series.


After Zim's mechsuit disguise of a businessman is torn in half by GIR running off with the legs to get some popcorn, the paramedics are called in to take the "wounded man" to the hospital. However, their efforts are hindered both by Zim's insistence that they leave him alone, and GIR kicking them in the shins and eating their supplies. These distractions cause the paramedics to crash their ambulance, allowing Zim and GIR to run off.

The paramedics later track the pair down to a nearby Sammy's Ribs N Diapers. Zim, having caught up with GIR, forces the two halves of the mechsuit back together, and claims to have recovered from his injury. And when a bloated GIR bursts out of the back of the suit, he claims that he was pregnant, and that was the problem all along.

According to a later news report, the paramedics still tried to take the "pregnant man" and "newborn" to the hospital, only to once again crash the ambulance. It's unknown what happened to them after this.

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