Dib with donut clerk

The unnamed space donut shop clerk is a character who appears in Issue 2 of the Invader Zim comic series.


This blob-like alien operates a gift shop (it's unclear if it's the only one or one of many) at the Galaxy's Largest Space Donut. When Zim is looking for the Xliactian Historian who learned the location of the Gargantis Array and went into hiding as a gift shop operator, his search leads him to the Space Donut, and he interrogates the clerk for information. Getting none, he moved on.

Dib later showed up, trailing Zim, and grilled the clerk for information on where the Irken had gone. The clerk stated that he didn't remember, but might if Dib bought some souvenirs. Assuming this meant the clerk was asking for a bribe, Dib bought the items. However, it turned out that the clerk really didn't remember and genuinely thought Dib's purchases would help, but it didn't.

After this, Dib left, and the clerk wasn't seen again.


  • The clerk likes to talk to himself.
  • He doesn't appear to be very bright, not knowing what a bribe is.

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