Vampire Piggy Hunter

The Vampire Piggy Hunter is the metafictional main character and namesake for a series of video games available for the Game Slave, and Game Slave 2 handheld gaming systems. Gaz is consistently seen playing on it, and she is not the only one. As seen in the episode "Game Slave 2", there was a large crowd of people who were addicted to this game and its franchise.

The Vampire Piggy Hunter's enemies include the whole race of Vampire Pigs, and judging by the mention of a "Zombie Hog" boss at one point in the game, it seems likely that all his enemies are pig-related.


The Vampire Piggy Hunter has only one eye, no nose, and wears a cloak and a wide-brimmed hat. Whenever he attacks, flames appear from nowhere and surround him. He has a sword that shoots purple-white lasers and can block fireballs with it. He also seems to bear a vague resemblance to an Irken, though this may simply be on account of stylization.


This character might be based on D from Hideyuki Kikuchi's novel Vampire Hunter D.

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