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Voot Cruiser
Name Voot Cruiser
Type Irken Technology
Use(s) Various
First Appearance The Nightmare Begins, Intro
Users Zim

The Voot Runner, known also as the Voot Cruiser, is the most out-of-date known Irken vehicle, presumably rendered obsolete by the Spittle Runner. This was the (possibly stolen) spacecraft Zim used regularly, from traveling on a (presumably) six-month-long journey from Conventia to Earth, and is his primary mode of transportation throughout the series.


Zim's voot cruiser

Side view of Zim's Voot Cruiser

By human standards, the Voot Cruiser is an extremely fast craft, capable of entering and exiting their solar system in mere minutes. In terms of color, the Voot is very similar to many Irken craft in that it seems to be composed of various shades of red or purple.

In terms of propulsion, the Voot runs on an unknown fuel directed primarily through two rear nozzles on each side, directly under the utility pods. Through these nozzles, metal legs are also able to be deployed in the rare occasion the Voot needs them, such as when Zim is choosing a disguise ("The Nightmare Begins").

One may also notice that there are two similar, smaller nozzles on the front, which have many uses, and possibly many more unseen. For example, the two 'headlights' as some call them are capable of firing lasers and blasts of energy. Other abilities of the craft also include, as seen in 'GIR Goes Crazy and Stuff', a tractor beam emitter and a hatch on the bottom that projects a beam that seems to negate gravity. This beam seems to be able to pull objects (Such as Cows) up towards the Voot, and is very likely inspired by the old idea that aliens abduct cows, and it is also notable that the beam functions and looks very similar to the 'Gravity Lifts' used by Halo's Covenant.

The Cruiser also has no visible seat belts (or at least ones that Zim utilizes), making injuries from crashes a near certainty. It was revealed in Planet Jackers that the Voot contains a radio for Zim to speak to people outside of the ship. In Planet Jackers, Zim reveals that the ship contains a Gee-Force compensator to, well, compensate for the gee-forces generated by maneuvering at high speeds. The back of the ship also contains a hatch for cargo, with an Irken insignia emblazoned on the rounded door/ramp.

The ship also has an on-board computer installed that is capable of speech and responds to verbal commands. However, it can be rather slow when it comes to executing said commands: In "Attack of the Saucer Morons," Zim frantically tried to eject as his Voot Runner was plummeting from the sky, and it only initiated the command after the ship crashed. On at least one occasion, the Voot Runner was shown to be easily incapacitated by a Bee striking the windshield.

Tak's ship revealed In the second issue of the comic that Zim's ship is made from garbage and "farts" in order to travel, although it could have been a cruel joke.

Alternate Models

A different-looking Voot (Jhonen said in the commentary that it's actually more of a streamlined version) was used in the second half of "Hamstergeddon," after Ultra-Peepi caused the first Voot to crash; it is notable it was carrying a special cargo around, which turned out to be thrusters that would later be instrumental in neutralizing Ulra-Peepi.

Weapons Systems

The weapons systems on the Voot Cruiser were only used in "Tak: The Hideous New Girl" and "Hamstergeddon".

In "Tak: The Hideous New Girl," Zim flew out into space, pursuing Tak who oddly was making little use of her ship's weapons. In "Hamstergeddon," Zim goaded Peepi with two orbs, possibly balls of plasma or some kind of charged particles, fired from the cannons.

Other Functions

The hemispherical pods on the sides of the ship can detach and can be used as cutting tools, as seen in "Planet Jackers."

The Voot can also reconfigure into a disguise machine, although it cannot handle anything past very simple disguises; otherwise, it distorts them horribly.

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