Zombies as seen in FBI Warning of Doom

Zombies are resurrected human corpses that appeared in "FBI Warning of Doom". Sergeant Slab Rankle created an army of them from the rule-breakers he captured over the years, presumably via the "new zombie lab" that had recently been set up in the back of the mall.

Rankle ultimately unleashed this zombie army as a last-resort effort to stop Zim from returning GIR's movie rental, Intestines of War, to the Video Outhouse. Though they were sent out in large numbers, they were literally brainless, and did little more than shamble around, their feeble attempts to apprehend Zim hardly hindering him from reaching the video deposit slot.

As far as appearances go, Rankle's zombies are not as gruesome as other zombies, but some have an eye missing.


  • Some zombies are wearing the same uniform as Slab Rankle, suggesting that they used to be security guards, but were fired.
  • In "Backseat Drivers From Beyond the Stars", Dib is mentioned to have raised the dead, but no zombies appeared on screen, nor are they any details as to how and why Dib did so. As such, we do not know how they compare to Rankle's zombies.

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