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Homeworld Earth
Gender Male
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Brown
Zootch is a student in Ms. Bitters' class at Skool.


Like his fellow classmate Spoo, Zootch is easily distinguished from other Skoolchildren by his unusual appearance: his eyes are small and brown, and the only hair on his head is a long, blond spike. Moreover, his mouth is only visible when he opens it, and - since he rarely talks - it often seems like he doesn't have a mouth.

Role In Invader Zim

Jobs day with zootch

Zootch with his father in Issue 19

In "Dark Harvest", Chunk threw a dodgeball at him injuring his spleen. Zim laughed at his misery, only to be hit with a dodgeball in his "Squeedly Spooch".

Zootch has a slightly prominent role in Issue 19 of the comic series. His father is the last presenter at Ms. Bitters' class's career day, and the two are seen several times at Zim Zoo, reacting to the exhibits. Throughout the issue, Zootch shows constant support of his father, who is repeatedly shown freaking out.


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